Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cyclic redundancy

A warm evening, so unusual for this part of the world. As I lay at home curled with a novel I thought of the bizarre turn of events that had left me employed, but unemployed. With nothing to do, I would have breakfast at noon, lunch by five and drop off to sleep whenever the fancy struck. I took long walks by myself which manifested themselves in weird dreams.

A few days into this, I suddenly rediscovered the joys of cycling. Cycling not only exercises the calves, but also sets the spirit free. Sounds like something a nineteenth century French philosopher would say, no?

Still. It is true. As I began going around the familiar streets encircling my home, I forgot distances and a few minutes I was roving like never before, one minute huffing, gasping and cursing up steep hills, the other moment, rewarded with wonderful views, steep downward slopes and the feeling of flight. My feet, that night were in their own world of pain but that did not matter. I’ll keep this up after I start working, I promised. Cycling I went twice more till the email came asking me to join ASAP.

Now the borrowed cycle sits in the hallway, gears set, greased and seat adjusted to my height. Probably its own purpose in life was to keep me sane all this time.


TaChi said...

ahh cycle brings back the old memories near amamma's house.we used to rent cycles and ride them till wee hours darkness and then one got stuck behind as the shop guy moved...still have that with me...thnx for making me feel nostalgic :)

buddy said...

u r welcome

swatimala said...

i miss cycling 2...ur post made me want 2 go get a cycle agn

Liberal said...

Ditto! cycling is a that u have casually stirred up for everyone with your post