Friday, August 22, 2008

Ennekum Tamil Teriyum

I haven't been to this sphere for ages, but have been keeping an eye on my buddy over here.
The call of the mother tongue pulled me out of this early retirement!

Well as buddy might protest that I'm a disgrace to the race of tamilians but in my defense "enneku tamil purunjadu ana peshartaka kashtama ikrikum"...

But the funniest language related incident I remember is when..
My uncle, aged 5 in the erstwhile Calcutta, asked my grandfather a question of usual childlike wonderment about nature,in a cocktail of bengali, hindi and tamil..

"Litchi-uda bichi jammen-la potuta gaach uug aagama??"

which roughly translates to "A litchi seed if sown, will a tree grow?"

Pat came my grandfather's reply-"Mali-la poi puch panni paara!!"


Anonymous said...

Nice litchi-khichdi your uncle's made there! Hilarious! :D

buddy said...

y dint u write about
"yennoda athai vandhu irukku"

Liberal said...

Finally you have ended the silence and the obscene monopoly of buddy over this blog has been trounced!

chutneycase said...

Its "enakku tamil puriyum aana pesarthukku kashtama irukku"

Tamil pesa kathukonga. Its a super language. Has the best swear words ever.

chocoliciousgal said...

@ vitruvian: according to buddy 'm a disgrace to the tam race as well :D...he finds it very funny when I speak TAm :D:D

maxdavinci said...

It's happened to me when I start off in tamil, add some hindi and finally finish it in english!

vitruvian said...


it was something else man!!but i could have done worse things than making my athai it..

yes...i hope this was a respit to u all..
lol. ;)

thatnks for correcting me..i've recorded it in my brain..but please forgive me for leaving the post untouched..
yea believe me...i'm trying really hard to learn..

then we shud gang up on him...
what say???

lol....yea thats the usual tendancy..