Friday, February 27, 2009

What the...

Roommate (RM): Dude, I need to talk to you
Me: yeah? (did I forget the rent?)
RM: er…well its
Me: Anything important?
RM: No, no…it’s just that…you need to watch yourself
Me: ? (??)
RM: Well, I’ll come to the point, you keep saying fuck that’s not good
Me: ? What? (what the F...oh no!!)
RM: Well you keep saying the ‘f word’ in front of everyone so, especially in front of the girls
Me: oh…so? (Still confused)
RM: Well, if you keep saying it, then the girls will want to say it too…I mean they might pick up this habit from you. So
Me: eh?
RM: Well, it’s not good for our girls to say fuck and such things and we have to take care of all that so.

I refrain from saying anything. After all I have been effectively silenced. I leave it to my perceptive readers to comment.


Liberal said...

funny...there are such species still around I guess!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Fuck man!

narendra shenoy said...

I love sanctimonious gits! And the word "fuck", by the way, is too multipurpose to avoid using. You can use it to express love, anger, consternation, indignation, pleasure, amazement, respect and, if you are a rap artist, your finest lyrical skills

Prashanti :) said...

hhehehehe I want to meet ur roommate :P..
PS: I have read this before, where??

kusublakki said...

ROFL....girls will learn it?? introduce this person to me :)

swatimala said...

wow...such ppl exist :O
i think i have read this b4 2

Elusive said...

what the fuck?!

rads said...

LOL! Geez, he considers himself the uncrowned guard of all things female or what? :)

I am no prude, but I use the word under the rarest and most stressful circumstances. sometimes I think it's used a little too freely, and more like a placeholder for other in place experssions. :p

maxdavinci said...

you should put me on spkr next time!

Anonymous said...

O Gaad! What the 'f word' I say!! U should have asked your roomie to shut the 'f word' up! Who the 'f word' is he to tell you how to speak? Bleddy 's word' 'f word'-ing naansense!

Gradwolf said...

Hmmm...I first heard a girl say it when when I missed a potentially beautiful lay up while playing basketball and she said, "Oh fuck". She was in my team and this was YMCA, Andheri West. Circa 2001 aka tenth standard.

dharmabum said...

it started with shock to me, but that was when i was in primary school. middle schooling was induction ground, to enrich my vocabulary with the nuances of usage connotation, accentuated by usage of gestures and what not. it was also in a sense a rebellion, against god knows what. and then when i grew up, i started wondering what was so fascinating about the the say, life had come a full circle i guess!

Vivek said...

Many other options exist:
Hockey Player Style: What the puck?
Chef Style: What the Fork?
And other Rhyming words your readers would be very kind to donate.

Its the most frequently used word man!
wtf is going on?!

Gajar said...

I think your friend has a crush on some girl in your group, and he doesn't want her to learn "bad words" :-P

aakash said...


workhard said...

I know girls use it more than guys, well then again its debatable, and now, i think thats the first word kids are going to learn!!!!!!!!!1

Write poetry

Anonymous said...

finally, the search for the masculine homely figure has ended

Srividya said...

LOL!!! Man ... this is so ... :D ... wow ... (speechless ... )
You know I agree with RM to an extent ... when you hear that word used, it kinda grates on your nerves ... but there's no word better than the glorious 'F' when it comes to venting out your frustration when you've hit your head on the bathroom tap :D.

buddy said...

@liberal:not many are like your name

@nandini: amen.


@prashanti:on my other blog

@kusublakki: im afraid he'll learn things from you!

@swatimala: yes

@elusive: abacharam!

@rads: i agree but isnt he extreme?

@max: heh!

@karthik: :|

@gradwolf: 10th std eh? hmm

@dharmabum: i guess its a similar circle for most people

@vivek: :D sooper!!

@gajar: i think so too

@aakash: you know who it is!

@workhard: its true..have to be controlled in front of kids..

@chokkathangam: :D LOL

@srividya: ROFL..bathroom tap....been there!

crumpledpapers said...

hehe... still no change in your roomie? Maybe you should put him in a Sorority house for a day. between controlling his sexual urges for the emancipated Mimis and listening to them boisterously flaunting their urban dictionary, he sure will run to Tirupati with a complementary monthly ticket from New York to Varanasi.

Fat Gujju! said...

who d fuck in this fuckin world has d fuckin time to tell u anything abt this fuckin word fuck... it is soo soo common to say fuck whn d whole fucking world is goin arnd sayin so many fuck's in one fuckin sentence, i see not a single fuckin reason y ur fucking roomie wants to fuck arnd wid d word FUCK!... :)

RukmaniRam said...

ai! you hau suche roommates a? nice nice.