Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autumnal aberrations

He sighed... And waited for the mustard seed to pop. Cumin lent more flavor, but mustard was traditional. The gas went tic-tic-tic and after what seemed like eternity; the seed sprang to life, zig-zagged a little, moved like a wayward diwali cracker and finally exploded.

“Ouch! that must did your face get this way?” she demanded next morning.


Savitri pondered. This was the third time this month water had appeared from nowhere. Must surely be a good omen. She rushed and bottled the holy water seeping out of the ground.

Murugavel hammered with all his strength. There the water rushed out. “Your septic tank is ok Selviamma”. Who had time to repair the choked tank? That too thrice this month? Diwali was coming. He quietly pocketed the money and left.


She pauses to breathe

her burden she lays aside

a fly buzzed, wildly she swerves

spilling milk on the roadside ganesha.

Disappears under her piteous gaze

shock, amazement then wonder

as a nation stood bleeding cows dry.



Anonymous said...

lol @ bottling oozing water from the septic tank.

swatimala said...

thought provoking as well as funny!

maxdavinci said...

septic tank? bottle? wo gaad ganesha!

Septic tank, septic tank,what are they feeding you?

Septic tank, septic tank, it's not your fault!

Historiophile said...

you are a very good observer and describe something local with a panache, I have seen rarely. kudos

maami said...

Haiku prose?Nice, nice

padmaja said...

hey, very nice!!

buddy said...

@karthik: wicked...not lovely

@swatimala: what thinkings did it provoke?

they wont take you to the plumber,
youre obviously not their favourate (tank?)
youre no bed of roses
and youre no friend to those with noses...
septic tank, septic tank its not ur fauuuuuuuuuult... :)

@historiophile: im just a lazy person who finds it easier to write this than real issues

haiku prose is nice
unlike a game of dice
no chances in haiku
inga only 7-5-3 irukku

@padmaja: thanku, thanku

Fat Gujju! said...

finally had time to read it again...
not understandin on first go can be credited to my sleep deprived state or god gifted natural brain....
watever amzingly well written ....
well thot of...
typical YOU!!... :)