Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action day ‘08

A few friends put me upto this.

I sincerely feel one cannot know the true magnitude of poverty and its many aspects; despair, frustration and desire unless one experiences it. However my small attempt at understanding it.


Wants and needs mingle

fuse , entwine, unite

at the sight of food.

yuck, bwack and vomit

to him seem manna.

Desires are shoved, needs attended to

pockets can stretch only so much.

I have little, I am happy

If though I can have more…

Frustration at being outmoded

Vertu prada and Gucci

unable to afford,

They call her poor.


maami said...

Khoob bhalo kobita likeche tumi!

swatimala said...

it was well written

maxdavinci said...

wah wah insightful! Man I can never write liek this...

last one with prada n gucci was awesome!

Fat Gujju! said...

last para rocked.....

cant u go a bit ahead ... i think this can b extended well !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Deep! A poor man's song for the rich to heed! Thought provoking! Could've been longer, but you the point across though.

Liberal said...

Nice work, you have inspired me to write on this too!

buddy said...

@maami: dhonyobaad. tumi bangla bolchi?

@swatimala: thanks..was?

@max: thanks!:)

@fat gujju, karthik: i should og on more..the ending seems abrupt no?

@liberal:thanks but u dont need inspiration to write!

padmaja said...

oh wow!!

Coconut Chutney said...

Amazement, is the one emotion
I never get enough of
When I'm here.

Ok, that was not poetry but whatever! super!

Vivek said...

New Age Poetry!