Friday, December 5, 2008


She sat in front of the dressing table and unscrewed the concealer, the same brand that she had been using for the last 5 years.She poured out the the ususal copious amounts of concealer and began to carefully apply the liquid on her face.

Remembering back to the day of her wedding when she, who had always been envied for her beauty and her flawless complexion, didn't require any of this unsavoury stuff. She now sat with intense concentration to hide that very skin behind a clayey concealer. She remembered her wedding day nearly 5 years back - the beautician was amazed to see a bride so beautiful without the bridal paraphanelia.It was her face that had captured the attention and consequently the heart of her future husband.

This beauty which she was once so proud of was today the bane of her life. The challenge to hide her pain and still measure up to the standards of the world had become a matter of routine for her.Touching up the makeup she realized this careful regimen for her had now become a sad necessity.

Just as she finished and turned, the pallu of her sari caught on the bottle and it crashed to the ground. She saw the mess caused by the gooey liquid which was for her; not a whim, but a necessity. Suddenly she found herself crying, the broken pieces of glass reflecting her state of mind and something in her snapped and she thought, "Till when will I paint away the streaks of pain??"

She walked into the bathroom and washed away all her makeup to expose her peaches and cream marred by black and purple bruises. Purposefully, she picked up her handbag and strode out of her home into the world without her concealer!

This was the first step in the fight to get her life back!


buddy said...

vitruvian maami short story ellam writing! goody goody

Gradwolf said...

epdi pa ipdi lam yosikiringa?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Is there a veiled meaning in this story that we mortals have failed to comprehend! Even otherwise, it is brilliant! :)

Vivek said...

Getting out of the shell are we?

kusublakki said...

Good one! Keep writing more stories :)

P.S: When will guys learn to stop caring for painted women?

Gayatri said...

good one! When will the abuse stop though :(

vitruvian said...

thank u thank u...butting into ur blog :P

inspiration begets content...

Thanks.. :)
But i think enough has been said! :)

Trying to.. :)

Thanks..after that motication will definitely keep writing :)
Nah..the direct point was that the guy was abusive..

that is a question like a mobius ring...can never find the ends..

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Very moving :) I love the way you handled two different issues very well with one story and one ending and left the rest for us to think about.

Liberal said...


vitruvian said...

Thanks...Yes I wonder who all came up with the multiple interpretations.. :)


DeeplyDip said...

good that she finally decided to move out like that...the bruise marks will put the guy in trouble...which again can be a boon or bane...

Prashanti :) said...

nicely written!!!! I wish a lot of women who face these things in India have similar courage.

chocoliciousgal said...

really deep...great job :)

Historiophile said...

dark, disturbing..yet defiant in the end

maxdavinci said...

neat maami, very neat....

sorry for the late cut in, but this was crisp n nice.

vitruvian said...

That was the whole point...bone or bane depends on whose perspective u look at it from..

which are u with..bane for him, bane for her ya boon for her??

I agree...but it takes a lot and society still doesn't make it very easy for them..

Thanks.. :)

i like the way u summarized it.. thank u.. :D

thank u late lateef...

Fat Gujju! said...

amazing stuff ya... two concepts one story... good ending!

vitruvian said...

@fat gujju:
hmmm..numerous interpretations actually..
I'm happy u could see TWO!! :D
many more ways to look at it :P