Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sheer brilliance

We have been tagged. By a veteran blogger, close friend and a humourous-psychotic-cranberry eating-song sending maniac. So we have no choice but to accept it. After all in the scheme of things that is the blogosphere we are but an insignificant blimp (as opposed to him, a minor celebrity). So we accept graciously.

But whats more pleasing than something to blog about is the reception of an award. Its not everyday that one gets to boast about being called most brilliant.

We is happy :) :D and slightly delusional.

The rules of the tag are: Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Family: They're crazy. They're a hoot and are mostly inadvertently so.I really haven't even begun to write about all the stuff that goes on, but all of them make for posts tagged as humour, satire, and such many varying platitudes. This is an example of things they usually do. This, however was written after much anguish. A rare time no family should have to go through.

Friend: A category that's suddenly expanded to include lot more people. More craziness. Most of my blogroll.The beginning of it all. A rare breed of inspiring friends here.

Yourself: Not much here. Or then, my entire blog. My posts are a very good indicator of what I'm feeling currently and whats eating my mind most. So there.

Your love: No talking here. Simply

Anything you like: I suspect this category has been included for the express purpose of shameless self publicity. But then that's what the whole tag manages to do. Oh well. Here go. What I call parent-friendly swearing. And one of my personal favourates.

We are also supposed to tag few more. Basically make them link around their blog (yawn!). We are also giving out to the award to the same people (so that we dont have to choose and be accused of favouratism later). I call brilliant swatimala, elusive, liberal and chocoliciousgal. Newcomer fat-gujju can just do the tag and feel happy.

PS: I am most peeved. humourous and favourates are underlined in red by blogger.


kusublakki said...

Glad you got tagged cuz I got to read some of your old posts that I probably wouldn't have clicked on otherwise...
and congratulations on the award guys are brilliant :)

vitruvian said...

We is happy to have this tag done on our blog!! :D :D

Wayy to o buddy!

Vivek said...

Thats ONE very unique TAG!

I had read these previous posts already!
Family, friends and yourself in links to the blog!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Dude, you are hilarious!

Prashanti :) said...

hmm Nice tag and I read ur prev posts again though I had red them before. I love ur love post :)


buddy said...

@kusublakki: thats so sweet of u.
and u r a co-awardee too, so yay!

@vitruvian: :D (duh! its we.always)

@Vivek, Prashanti: I think im going o cry now.. :)

@nandini: shukriya :)

Liberal said...

Nice work...reminded me of all your posts once again...thanks for the tag!

Gradwolf said...

dude, it was only the 5 old posts tag. Who the hell said the brilliant weblog award comes along with it? Ask max if you want....

buddy said...

1. open mouth
2. insert foot
3. $#@^%$%*&*******
4. its ok, i tag myself!
5. An excuse to brag about myself is not to be missed
6. you are jealous

buddy said...

arasilayya idhellam sagajam

Anonymous said...

It was nice reading all ur posts again!! BTW, did someone give you the award or, did u just grab it? :P :D Anyway, guten guten!!

swatimala said...

m sleepy, cant think of some good comment...congrats on thee award

chocoliciousgal said...

lol arisiyaal it seems really bala :)...
congo on the award though..u guys r my fav :)

buddy said...

@karthik: grrrr all jealous uh?

@swatimala: how astute!

@chocoliciousgal: awwww

maxdavinci said...

tum patthar ho!

buddy said...

ada paavi!
tu green gross moss, armpit hair sweat and mucous

maxdavinci said...

abbey phenoyl ke dakkan!

tum patthar ho translates to you rock!

compliment in our wrld, donno how it is on yor planet!

Fat Gujju! said...

i m so still new to bloggin world tht me cant contemplate wat all this taggin means ...
n u taggin me was wat?
neways i read all ur prevbious posts again ... good reread ya...