Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm sure most will agree when I say, Every city had a character of its own!
Mumbai, though it is called now, will always be Bombay for me. This is where I have lived for the last 20 years of my life!!
I don't know any other city even half as well to be able to compare, so I wont. I'll just say why I like Bombay.
The city is dear to me, not only because of its familiarity but also because I truly believe no other city can reflect my inner self more aptly. This same statement will apply to 6 million others as well. Thats how multifaceted Bombay is.
A plethora of contradictions, it is constantly redefining itself as a city. In no two years does Bombay seem the same to me.The only constants I have observed are change and resilience.
From the Yeur Hills to the Malabar Hills, this city of seven islands has it all. The resplendent beauty and serenity of the sea, the clamour of ceaseless traffic, the melee of devotees at varied places o worship.
Bombay exemplifies the juxtaposition of extremities in every possible facet.
Though I believe Bombay's greatest asset is its HUMANITY. If I cite an example of a crisis situation like the 26th July floods to prove this statement there may be an objection stating that, "Any place would come together in the face of a crisis". So I give you one which you can witness on any ordinary day in Bombay- "The local trains". If you observe a train at rush hour, when people climb over one another to get in, after the train starts moving if one passenger still pursues despite the lack of space many hands shoot out and haul him in. For that one moment he has put his "life" literally into the hands of strangers till he edges into relative safety.

I could rant on and on about my beloved city. Ultimately though, its for each own to chose their own reasons to love her, but love her you will.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...Love for your own city is subjective and unimpeachable but facts aren't. I am a Delhiite myself and heard about 26/7 from my Bombay cousins ad nauseam...while I won't extrapolate such anecdotes to experience, I must say that one cannot judge the behavior of a people in an exigent situation and extrapolate that to all situations...Bombay has been called Rudest city too...food for thought I guess...I will agree Bombay does have its magic but 26/7 is not an example of that...Having said that...the writing style of the authors is fresh and amusing!

buddy said...

love bombay..always
and 26/7 did bring out the citys best..and ill have all of u know that the author was fed and taken care of by anonymous aunties for 2 days, till the waters parted and she could go home.

vitruvian said...

thats exactly why i didnt use 26/7 to back my statement but an ordinary example.
I have to agree thought that the love for a city is subjective..
thanks for your comment tho..

u remember that??
yea...that aunty was an angel...though she housed 8 of us...she fed a whole bus load of stranded people..

vitruvian said...

i am unable to access your blog...
i was wondering that if thats not intentional, whether you could leave me your url...

Anonymous said...

Not much of a blogger now...will let you guys know as soon as I start
writing...I don't think I have it in me to subject this world to my
ridiculous thoughts. Before you hit back at me with..."thats what a blog is for"...I guess I am jus not gettin around to it...Keep writing though...nice to read your stuff