Sunday, February 17, 2008

void main()

while(no writers block)


continue writing;


declare state of extreme boredom;

return comments;


Just a technical twist on why I’m churning out crap. Not that my previous posts are intellectual gems or works of revered literature, still. Merely an explanation for why some posts tend to be crappier than others. Lack of material coupled with busyness and get it. Still write I must and I do, except that it reads something like this. And you, poor souls have to put up with the rubbish I routinely try to pass off as ‘English writing’. Five lines later I still haven’t managed to convey anything remotely useful or enlightening leading me to wonder, if something is useful, is it enlightening too? Or are they mutually exclusive? Does the reverse apply? On a totally different train of thought why is it called a train of thought anyway? Cant’ one have a busload of thoughts? Or a handful for the more intellectually challenged among us? Thoughts are hardly like trains; trains follow well defined tracks, begin and end at defined places. Thoughts, on the other hand begin er.. do thoughts begin at all? Or end? Or are they just an extension of some other previous thought, iterated to the present time? Thoughts spontaneously come into being and manifest themselves outwardly sometimes in speech, or badly written pieces like this. I started off with a pun on programming and am currently rambling along about thoughts and trains. Which is exactly how thoughts run. Or walk. Or just be.


Liberal said...

This one is your best yet

vitruvian said...

this one is gr8!!
u r in ur element!

Liberal said... have raised the bar...hear ye...shed some of thy inspiration on lesser offense to equally skilled wielder of the keyboard!

buddy said...

sneha blogroll liberal asap...
at long last, someone who praises us!

vitruvian said...

vitruvian has taken no offense...
she too takes inspiration from the keyboard wielding buddy!!

Liberal said...

The fact that it is called a train of thought is extremely arresting and inhibitive...this train represents conformity...which we must throw matter thought needs to be linked to the other in this school of thought...there I go now..'school' again means conform..."stand still laddie!!" ala Floyd'
Babble away...that alone leads to some semblance of coherence

buddy said...

OMG..u churn out better crap than i do!!!

vitruvian said...

@ALL:i happen to be getting a major inferiority complex here!!!!!

swatimala said...

tht 1 confused me a bit

no kidding..its nice 2 see how u mix philo and nonsense together

rakesh said...

well he submitted his project 8 days late..
even then he tries to show his mastery over CPP..
CPP has been de life for all of us in our for more than 10 days..
I guess this chunky boy dint get out of dat situation yet..