Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Through THICK and THIN

A sweet tooth is one among many other things that I have inherited from my father. The Indian version of Rice Pudding called Paysam in South India and Kheer the Northern part of the country is our favourite.
We decided to make this delicacy for ourselves taking advantage of the fact that my mother was out of town and thus there was no one to restrict our gluttony!
Now, at the onset I must explain the major difference between the North and South Indian versions of the dish. Kheer is very thick and creamy its consistency is that of partially set custard whereas Paysam is thinner but richer in its sweetness.
My dad and me all set in the kitchen.........BIG FIGHT!!
Papa wants Kheer and I want Paysam, mind you the preparation is rather different.
After half and hour of arguing we decided to halve the available milk and make both!
We believe in 'The more the merrier' after all!

Finally we both had a splendid afternoon with a simple meal followed by scrumptious desserts-one bowl of each! Yes, Amma could be heard yelling at us later when she rang up but with a bowl in hand and Bombay Jayshree singing in the background it really didn't bother us at all!


buddy said...

bombay jayashree...mellow and seductive..kheer,payasam and a rainy afternoon...paradise

-a book of verse, a glass of wine and thee beside me, and wilderness is paradise enow..omar khayyam

vitruvian said...

well its wasn't a rainy afternoon by any means..
the temperature was a bloody 10 degrees in bombay!!!
but it was heaven!!